Renovation and modernization of machines

Comprehensive modernization of production machines

While modernizing, we guarantee full comprehensiveness of services:

  • analysis of the existing system,
  • developing project documentation,
  • installation and assembly work,
  • programming of controllers, drives, panels, object-oriented equipment,
  • commissioning,
  • staff training,
  • service and maintenance of devices.

Modernization of machines

Depending on individual needs, the machine modernization may include:

  • improvement of motion properties by implementing machine utilization / load systems (SCADA), thanks to which you will be able to fully register your working time, efficiency, length of emergency downtime combined with the causes of malfunction, and thus better utilize your working time, plan ongoing repairs based on the actual use of elements, not only according to calendar,
  • analysis of the construction of the machine for the probability of speed and dynamics increase, which allows to determine the real possibilities and perhaps the scope of work necessary to obtain particular work parameters,
  • giving up on mechanical coupling elements in order to synchronize the motion of the machine’s individual axes – older systems with one main engine, from which a drive through shafts, chains and belt transmissions is transferred to individual actuators, are exposed over time to deterioration of accuracy due to the use of mobile elements – in case of individual drives with electronic synchronization, the elements responsible for proper functioning do not wear out, and the control system allows you to make corrections on an ongoing basis, which helps eliminate any discrepancies,
  • introducing formulas, preliminary calculations, regular measurements and synchronization contributing to faster adaptation of the machine to a new product,
  • shortening the test runs, which allows for better use of the machine’s working time as well as reduction of material losses and waste,
  • shortening the test runs, which allows for better use of the machine’s working time as well as reduction of material losses and waste,
  • safety – adaptation of all elements to the level of security that is currently required for given devices. We provide a comprehensive approach related to risk assessment, control execution with the use of security functions integrated in PLCs and drives, making necessary mechanical works, permanent and movable covers and other necessary elements,
  • the use of adjustable drives – the use of adjustable drives, motors with increased efficiency leads to a significant electricity cost reduction. The control over the actual use of machines and devices enables adjusting the media flow to the current needs of the process.

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