Our experience spans over 10 years of professional work for the industry.
We recognize the need to provide reliable operation of industrial processes as well as the necessity of their constant development.

Within the specified scope of our work, we would like to offer a comprehensive service that involves maintaining the motion of the installations, industrial machinery and control systems.

The service offered by us leaves us constantly ready to take technical action on business days and holidays 24 hours a day, 24/7/365. The service’s response time will be tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.

In addition to the 24h service, we also offer periodic checks of installations, machines and systems as well as technical support.

We adapt to the needs of the customer!

Service orders

  • system’s condition analysis
  • conceptual design of modernization
  • ordering temporary changes and modifications
  • optimization of existing applications

Fixed service agreement

  • 24h service and maintenance
  • implementation of minor modifications and alterations
  • regular system’s condition analysis
  • technical consulting

Technical Support

  • free technical consultations
  • instant reaction
  • remote technical support

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